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MSA MiniSCAPE 5 Minute Escape Respirator
MSA MiniSCAPE 5 Minute Escape Respirator


Code: 10038560
Brand: MSA
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Using the latest filtering media TabTec® technology, the MSA miniSCAPE is a single use escape device with 5 minutes of service time. It protects against hazardous gases of the types A, B, E and K. miniSCAPE is equipped with a mouthpiece and nose clip. Small and handy, the miniSCAPE fits into the pocket of a lab overall or any working clothes. It can also be carried on the belt, with the very practical integrated belt clip. In case of emergency, it can be donned very quickly and is operational immediately. In case of sudden and unexpected outbreaks of toxic gases or vapors at the workplace, personnel can leave the danger area quickly and safely with the miniSCAPE. The hygienic and convenient plastic casing allows frequent distribution to different persons, for example, mechanics, visitors or shift workers.


  • Small design, high performance
  • Quick and easy donning
  • Universal fit (mouthpiece)
  • Easy carrying in the pocket or on the belt
  • Safe respiratory protection, also for persons wearing glasses and/ or a beard

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