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600mm Acrylic Traffic Convex Mirror
600mm Acrylic Traffic Convex Mirror


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The Acrylic Traffic Safety Mirror has a strong pole bracket system, designed to withstand tough environmental conditions, such as extreme weather, exposed areas and heavy machinery. The mirror face is made from 3mm thick acrylic and will not bend and distort like other cheap traffic mirrors. The unique curve design allows a driver to observe high speed traffic much more effectively at a safer distance. This traffic convex mirror can be positioned anywhere a driver's view of the road is impaired by buildings, trees, fences and bends in the road. Ideal for concealed entrances or exits, blind corners on roads, highways and hard to see intersections. The extra durable galvanised steel clamp bracket is designed for fixing to a 75mm pole (pole not included).

Typical Uses:

  • Suitable for all outdoor applications and specifically for road or traffic
  • Traffic - Roadways, crossovers, lane ways
  • Warehouse or Industrial use
  • All outdoor areas where a super strong mirror with good aesthetics is appropriate


  • Five Year Warranty against faulty workmanship and materials
  • All weather double sealed mirror
  • Pole fitting standard - Wall Fitting Optional Extra
  • Fully framed mirror with 10mm Celuka rot-proof frame
  • Mirror face manufactured from 3mm 'optical grade' acrylic
  • Zinc Plated Steel Fittings
  • Super Strong galvanised steel clamp bracket provides superior adjustment and rigidity
  • Easy installation - low maintenance

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