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Spill Kit Audit Tags. Pack of 10
Spill Kit Audit Tags. Pack of 10


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Pack of 10. Pack of 100 available here

Audit tag security seals readily identify when a spill kit has been accessed or used and help prevent unauthorised access.

  • Prevent personnel partly using absorbents and spill kit components, or stop wheelie bins being used as rubbish receptacles.
  • Ensure all spill kit access is monitored and highly visible –  simply break the tag to access the kit’s contents in the event of a spill.
  • Security seals lock the wheelie bin lid to the wheelie bin body.
    Audit tags are made from polyethylene – blue.
  • Each audit tag security seal has a unique serial number for audit recording if required.
  • Audit tags designed to suit 240 litre and 120 litre wheelie bins.

Audit tags which are made to suit wheelie bin spill kits provide a quick response to reacting to an emergency spill and to cater to a variety of liquids. The three types of spill kits are:

  • General Purpose – used to soak up coolant, degreaser, paint, blood, bodily fluids, oils and fuels as well as mild acids, bases and water-based chemicals.
  • Oil and fuel – used to soak up hydrocarbon-based liquids whilst repelling water.
  • Hazchem – used to soak up virtually all chemicals, aggressive acids and bases (alkalis), paint, solvents, oils, fuels, coolants, degreasers, herbicides and pesticides.

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