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Bamboo Socks. Fast Drying
Bamboo Socks. Fast Drying


Brand: Bamboo Textiles
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Our 92% Bamboo | 8% Elastane Extra Thick Bamboo Socks have taken the market by storm. Being 92% natural Bamboo fibre they do take longer to dry.  They absorb much more moisture than a sock made from, say, wool and nylon, or even cotton.  Because of the hollowness and fineness of the fibres, moisture does not travel quickly to the outside to evaporate.  There is a big technical difference between ‘absorption’ and ‘wicking’.  Research into this area of textiles physics is relatively recent and consequently new fibres have been developed that perform extremely well in this task;  ie. transporting moisture from one area to another.  A leading new fibre for this purpose is Coolplus which is a special type of polyester.  We were looking for a material to mix or blend with bamboo fibre which would make the socks dry much faster and cope with the rigours of industrial laundries and Coolplus fulfils that role beautifully, reducing the drying time to half. 

Composition: 46% Bamboo, 46% Coolplus, 8% Elastane.

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