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Mini Boom. 2.4M x 7.5cm
Mini Boom. 2.4M x 7.5cm


Code: EMB24
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2.4M X 7.5cm MINI BOOM MSB2.4

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Spill Kit type: Absorbs oil, fuel, diesel, petrol & other hydrocarbons. Repels Water.

Application: Oil & fuel only boom used to contain, divert and absorb spills. Highly flexible - can be stuffed into drains, moulded around machinery, pushed under pallets or used to block and divert a spill from entering waterways & drains.

Absorbent capacity: 11 litres per boom.


  • Great for mine site & maintenance workshops, factory & warehouse floors, fuel handling facilities, oil storage depots, vehicle repair shops and transport facilities.
  • Prevent spills from escaping by forming an absorbent barrier around drums, forklifts, plant and machinery.
  • Ideal for stormwater drain protection.
  • Made from Envirosorb™ compressed meltblown polypropylene with exceptional oil/fuel absorbency for spills, leaks and drips. Envirosorb™ is able to recover up to 20 times its own weight in oil. 
  • High absorbency to weight ratio = lower transport & disposal costs.
  • Tough, durable, non allergenic, non hazardous and dust free absorbent.
  • Excellent water repellent characteristics (hydrophobic) - use in the rain or float on water to absorb oil and fuel only.
  • Fast absorption for improved safety & productivity in the workplace.
  • Can be squeezed and re-used.
  • Simple and easy to use without the need for specialised PPE


  • Absorbent capacity will vary depending on liquid viscosity, specific gravity & temperature.
  • Absorbents retain the characteristics of the absorbed liquid. Appropriate PPE should be worn and disposal of used absorbents should be via incineration or to approved landfill in accordance with local regulations.

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