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500mL Acid Neutraliser Shaker Bottle
500mL Acid Neutraliser Shaker Bottle


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Acid neutraliser is a free-flowing powder that has been designed to neutralise and absorb acid spills.

It is ideal for use where small quantities of substances such as sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid or nitric acid have been spilled. It it not recommended for use with hydrofluoric acid however.

Acid neutraliser is a white, free-flowing powder with a pH of 10.7 (1% solution). Simply place on and around a spill to neutralise and absorb – then just sweep and scoop to recover.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) must always be worn when using neutraliser to clean up a spill.

Directions for use:

  1. Spread neutraliser onto spill until acid stops bubbling and is fully covered. (During the neutralising and absorption process, acid will react with the neutraliser and bubble with some fumes emitted. DO NOT inhale the fumes.)
  2. Push dustpan under spill and shovel into a pile.
  3. Move to one side and re-apply neutraliser to the floor where the spill previously lay.
  4. Pick up with a dustpan and place in approved disposal bag.
  5. Dispose of contaminated material in accordance with your local and State regulations.

This acid neutraliser is NOT classified as a hazardous substance according to NOHSC criteria and is NOT classified as a dangerous good according to the ADG code.

Always use the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) when responding to a spill.

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