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CleanSpace ULTRA Powered Respirator
CleanSpace ULTRA Powered Respirator


Code: PAF0070
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A powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) designed to provide high protection. Suitable for eye protection and water tolerance (IP Rated 66)

  • Comfortable and easy to wear over long periods
  • Lightweight 500g
  • No hoses, belts or waist mounted battery packs
  • Particulate and gas filters available.

Fully certified positive pressure respirator with P3 TM3 filtration efficiency ensuing maximum protection in the workplace. Breath responsive. Up to 8 hours run time. Portacount testing enabled.

Easy to wear; Effortless and comfortable. No hoses or heavy waist mounted battery packs. Award winning lightweight design (500g) delivers clean fresh air for a full shift.

Tough, reliable, and cost effective. No servicing or maintenance and easy to clean. A simple one-button system, CleanSpace compact design provides compatibility with other PPE

Designed for asbestos removal, chemical handling, lead abatement, infectious agents, and first responder situations.

Please note this is not a supplied air respirator 

Part numbers:

PAF-0070 CleanSpace Ultra Power Unit (excludes mask)

PAF-0033 Small face mask

PAF-1010 Medium face mask

PAF-0027 Large face mask

PAF-1014 Full face mask



PAF-0035 TM3P HEPA Particulate filter (pack of 3)

PAF-0036 Pre-Filter for PAF-0035. Pack of 10

PAF-0038 Filter adapter for high capacity filters

PAF-0037 High capacity particulate filter P3

PAF-0091 Combined filter ABE1P3

PAF-0076 Combined filter ABEK1P3

PAF-0057 Pre-Filter for High capacity filters (PAF-0037, PAF-0091, PAF-0076) Pack of 20


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