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Gel-Weighted Drain Cover. 120cm x 120cm
Gel-Weighted Drain Cover. 120cm x 120cm


Code: PCBGF12X12
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PCBGF-1.2X1.2 GEL DRAIN COVER 900gsm PVC OUTER. 1.2 x 1.2M 20kg

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Use gel-weighted drain covers to prevent spills from entering stormwater drains and traps. These resistant protectors create a tight seal over drains and the flexible nature of the gel-weighted filling moulds to uneven surfaces.

Global gel-filled drain covers are a portable drain cover that prevents spills from entering stormwater drains. These products are an excellent spill response tool, helping you avoid costly fines associated with unauthorised discharge violations.

These gel-weighted covers are manufactured from robust PVC fabric that is resistant to oils, fuels and a range of chemicals. If in doubt as its compatibility with a particular chemical, please contact our team for clarification.

  • Store near spill hot spots or in close proximity to drains.
  • The gel-filled drain cover is excellent for those who may have unsealed surfaces around the drains or the area around the drain is in poor condition.
  • Drain covers have carry handles and can be easily folded and stored when not in use.
  • Storage is easy as the gel-filled drain cover folds up and is supplied in its own carry bag with handles.
  • Simply position over a drain and evenly distribute the gel around the outer chamber.
  • Helps you comply with spill control measures and avoid costly fines.
  • Choose a size that overlaps your drain grate by at least 20cm.
  • Drain covers are reusable and easily deployed by a single person.
  • Resistant to most chemicals.
  • High visibility orange colour ideal easy to identify on spill site.
  • Covers are easily cleaned with soap and water and then reused.
  • Ensure the barrier is cleaned and store properly after use.
  • Made from 900gsm orange PVC

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