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Safety Base Temporary Handrail Support. 1 Bracket
Safety Base Temporary Handrail Support. 1 Bracket


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The central post support section of the Safety Base is 90 mm x 90 mm which allows you the option to either nail/laminate two pieces of 90 mm x 45 mm thick timber or a 90 mm x 90 mm post to create a sturdy handrail post to attach handrails to, that will easily meet the current Worksafe requirements for temporary hand rail supports.

The toeboard section is only 20 mm thick so that plywood or chipboard flooring can be used.

The body of the Safety Base is made of 6 mm thick Polyeurethene plastic so it is lightweight yet strong. The base plate is 8 mm thick for extra strength at the fixing points where it matters most. The base is a full section adding strength and making it easier to get the post height spot on for installation.

Inside the the central post section and the toeboard section of the Safety Base are ribbed for extra strength and to ensure a tight, secure fit of the timber components of your temporary handrail system.

The baseplate has 4 x 10 mm holes so that 10 mm trubolts (or similar), the most common size used on building sites, or 10 mm coach screws can be used for a secure fixing to either concrete or chipboard flooring, or any type of flooring depending on the type of construction.

There are 2 x 6 mm holes three quarters the way up the Safety Base for securing of the handrail post. If coach head screws are used, this allows for the quick and easy removal of the temporary handrail when the need arises to load materials on site and allows for the handrail post to easily be secured back in place once loaded

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