The Dy-Mark PROTECH® range has been the culmination of three meticulous years of product research and development. During this period, Dy-Mark worked closely with specialist chemists and manufacturers in the industrial maintenance sector to produce 15 world-class cleaners and lubricants.

Working with global leaders in actuator and valve development, Dy-Mark designed a world first, 2 way lockable actuator, which provides both a normal spray and extension-tube spray for hard to reach areas. There is also a selection of products that feature a 360° valve, providing increased versatility in spray applications.

The Dy-Mark PROTECH® range of industrial grade cleaners and lubricants have been specially formulated for the professional who requires high performance results in industrial applications. The Dy-Mark PROTECH® range includes lubricants designed for convenient everyday use on industrial equipment such as; pulleys, conveyors, rusted bolts, tools, and chains. The Dy-Mark PROTECH® cleaners make even the toughest jobs easier; suitable for engines, brakes and parts, machinery, and electrical equipment.

Extensive testing in their technical laboratories and in the field was conducted to ensure Dy-Mark PROTECH® performs at optimum levels and outperforms competitors products. Whatever your needs, you can be sure to achieve and maintain optimum performance with Dy-Mark PROTECH®.

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