The Importance of Drop Prevention (Information provided by Pryme)

When you're working at heights, you know you need your height safety equipment. You set up your harnesses and your lanyards, you make sure your anchors are secure, and you know you're safe. However, it's not just you that can fall from up there - your tools are a hazard, too.


You wouldn't want anybody to drop a drill on your head, but according to Safe Work Australia, dropped objects cause 19 fatalities anually and are responsible for 10% of workplace incidents. Don't be a tool - secure yours properly, with our range of Drop Prevention equipment. Additionally, do yourself a favour, and get your mates to secure their tools properly, or you're the one at risk. 


Don't worry if you're not sure about how you're supposed to tether your tools, Pryme has you covered. Using this tool all you need is the tool you're tethering and its weight, and you'll have all the options available presented to you! Just be sure to check our site first to purchase anything you need.


For a helpful video made by Pryme about Drop Prevention, click here, and for their video database, with a plethora of information on tethering your tools, click here. Remember - better safe than sorry!