We all think we know how to put on goggles and glasses, but if they're meant for safety, it's a little more complicated than it looks at first glance. Review or learn the steps to properly fitting safety eyewear to ensure you can stay safe in the workplace.


For Safety Glasses:

• Select a spectacle that fits your face shape and feels comfortable

• Some models feature lens angle adjustment and adjustable side arms to improve fit and positioning of frame

• Make sure there is a minimal gap between lens and face

• Move head from side to side to make sure they stay in place

When you think you've found the right pair for you, that gives proper visibility and fits well, go through the following checklist:

  1. No uncomfortable pressure points on the side of the head or behind the ears
  2. Nose piece is comfortable and contacts your nose without pinching
  3. You should be able to see in all directions without major obstruction
  4. Overall weight of safety eyewear is evenly distributed between your ears
  5. Frames fit close to your face without hitting your eyelashes. The space around the frames and your face should be less than or equal to 6-8mm
  6. Lenses cover your eyebrow and any soft tissue around it
  7. Eyewear stays in place when you move your head front to back, and tilt your head side to side.

If you can't manage to fulfil all these criteria, you may have to go looking for a new pair of safety glasses.


For Safety Goggles:

Safety goggles are more complex than their counterparts, and as such it is recommended you view this guide for a visual representation. However, the steps will be listed out here.

For fitting and wearing goggles:

  1. Place the goggle on the face with one hand
  2. Whilst holding it in place bring the head band over and to the back of the head with the other hand (Do not place it on your helmet, if you're wearing one)
  3. Adjust head band to head size
  4. Check the seal. If wearing prescription glasses, check that the side arms do not break the seal. Check for gaps by running your index fingers around the seal (particularly around the nose area)

Wearing with a respirator

  1. Place the goggles on first, followed by the respirator, following all required instructions
  2. Make sure that the goggle sits comfortable on the respirator (nose)
  3. Ensure you have achieved a positive seal

For removing the goggles:

  1. Lean slightly forward facing down and pull head band over the top of the head
  2. Pull goggle down from the face (take care, this is when most injuries occur)


For further details on safety glasses, view the uvex Eyewear Protection Fitting Guide here

For details on safety goggles, view the uvex How to Fit a Goggle Guide here (as linked previously)