Are you still using rags and kitty litter for spills?

While rags and kitty litter may seem like the economic choice for everyday leaks, drips and spills, their lower absorbency rate may mean you'll end up using much more, resulting in much higher disposal costs.

Global Spill's Australian made poly absorbents are able to recover up to 20 times their own weight in liquid. 

Higher absorbency rate = less product used + lower disposal costs.   

  • Suitable for everyday drips, leaks and spills
  • Colour coded for quick identification 
  • Available as pads, rolls, booms and pillows
  • Non-allergenic, inert and dust free

There's a lot of different spill kits on the market - general purposebiohazardoil & fuel, etc. These all have their own niches depending on the risks of your workplace and the types of spills you're likely to experience. Choosing a spill kit is complicated, but:

General purpose spill kits are blue, contain grey absorbents and are for mixed liquid spills, typically of low quantity.

Hydrocarbon (oils & fuels) spill kits are yellow, contain white absorbents, and are for any situation where you need to clean up only oils or fuels, particularly when they leak into water.

Chemical spill kits are red, contain pink absorbents, and are for aggressive acids or bases.

No matter what the spill, though, any good commercially available absorbent will significantly outperform any rag or kitty litter you can get your hands on (gross). 

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